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☎️Call us: 347-9642771 /347-6348456 ?Reservations: booking@holguin.photography
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  • ☎️Call us: 347-9642771 /347-6348456

  • 📖Reservations: booking@holguin.photography

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About us

Holguin Photography

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Holguin Photography is a company that contributes in the fulfillment of your dreams. We tell your story and manage to create images that will maintain your memories as vivid as possible… registering stunning moments that evoke the loveliest memories. We specialize in wedding photography and every event or portrait session where emotions are involved. We are emotion-driven wedding photographers.

We are Douglas , Ericka and we offer our services personally. We want you to feel we are your friends; we want you to talk to us, smile for us, cry for us and be silly with us! We want you to feel comfortable and live your moment. We are passionate about photography; we do it for love and with the certainty to reflect all that love in our images.

We tell the story of your special day using a photojournalistic approach, where we manage to capture casual, natural images as well as formal portraits. We are with you while you get ready, during the ceremony, the reception and the party. We make a huge effort so no special moment slips away from our lens and you can relive it with your friends and family any time you want.

To us, Holguin Photography is not only our business, we truly enjoy our job. We are genuinely moved by the moments lived in a wedding (our style is emotional and spontaneous without forgetting family formals). If you hire us with our most basic plan, the date is yours. If later on you decide to upgrade or months after the wedding you want to buy your photobook, we will be happy to design it for you.


Holguin.Photography turns every event into a lasting memory

When it comes to turning an occasion into lasting memories or effective marketing tools – you need a photographer you can trust.

With an ever-growing database of specialist, multi-lingual photographers,

Holguin.Photography has everything covered, from a family shoot to a graduation ceremony, a corporate conference to a product launch – providing a guaranteed, end-to-end service, even at short notice.

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Sometimes it is not easy to identify the differences between the many companies that offer Wedding Photography Services. For this reason we have made a small summary of what we believe makes us different besides the standard (knowledge, quality, professionalism and quality of cameras and lenses):

– COMMITMENT: We asure you that no matter how far away your wedding date is, we will assist personally and exclusively. We never hire external employees.

– DEDICATION: Both photos and video are edited exclusively by us. This allows us to maintain a clear consistency in the style and quality of the images that are delivered. The photobook designs are also our personal creation.

– VERSATILITY: We both make photos and video. This means that with only two people you can have full coverage of moments (Douglas / Julio accompanies the groom and Ericka accompanies the bride during their “Getting Ready”) making it unnecessary to hire more people that will increase cost and be more invasive.

– SECURITY: We always work together and this allows us to cover more angles and capture more moments. It also makes the logistics involved easier because we are able to be with the bride and groom without forgetting details and guests. More importantly, in case there is a problem with one of the cameras (none in three years but we know the risks), you always have a good backup in and you know not everything will be lost.

– HEART: We are truly interested in that you feel happy with your wedding memories. This is why we get involved in a higher level and request enough information so we can understand your expectations allowing us to offer the best service possible.















With more than 10 years in experiencie
specialist, individually 
screened and fully trusted 
photographers in Queens
alone, Holguin Photography will never let 
you down


Holguin Photography uses 
only personally selected 
photographers with a 
minimum of five years’ 
experience, and our own 
approved retouchers


Holguin Photography fast and easy 
booking service can 
provide a specialist 
photographer within three 
hours, at the touch of a 


Holguin Photography guarantees 
delivery of your edited and 
retouched files within 5 to 15 
days – and often within 
24 hours you will get a snapchat of your pictues – and you own 
full copyright of your 

Meet the Team

Experience and expertise – on both sides of the lens

Holguin photography was founded in 2005 by four business, photographic and tech specialists – all experts in their respective fields who understand what it takes to deliver top-quality service on demand and on a large scale.

Holguin Photography

SINCE 2005

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